About the Big Data Alliance

The Big Data Alliance aims to promote collaboration among the leading Dutch academic institutes and industry and to close the gap between Informatics, Operational Research, Econometrics, Law and Economics in the context of data science. Our main goals are to unlock and share knowledge, expertise and research and stimulate innovation and education in the field of Big Data. In addition, we want to be a guide for students in the emerging field of Data Science Education and finally we want to strengthen the connection between students and industry.


Aim and purpose of the Big Data Alliance

We believe that “Big Data & Business Analytics” parties in academia and in the industry could benefit more from each other. By bringing together people with knowledge in academics and industry on our platform, the Big Data Alliance facilitates mutually beneficial collaboration and progress in big data research and business.

The platform focused on several target groups:

• The general public: explaining: “What is Big Data?”;
• Students: with a guide to find the best fitting education programs, graduation assignments and jobs;
• Business: with opportunities to find academic expertise to do joint projects, to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation;
• Researchers: with opportunities to publish their work and to establish relationships with other researchers and with industry.

Founding Partners

Founded by the University of Amsterdam, CWI, SURFsara, the VU University Amsterdam and ORTEC.


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What is Big Data?

These days almost everyone has heard of Big Data, yet only a few can define the term. See our page ‘What is Big Data?’ for our vision on what Big Data is and what it is not.

What is Big Data