Executive Course on Data Science for Maritime and Industry

In the maritime and industrial industry investments are huge, the force of international competition is increasing and as a natural, but disturbing, consequence margins are decreasing. To stay ahead of the game, innovative ways to harness the possibilities of data science are a must.

Increased computing power, a huge amount of data and knowledge of analytics and algorithms open huge possibilities in terms of increased efficiency, predictability, insight and new data driven products and services.

To start benefiting from this exponential trend, we developed a 2-day high level course for executives and managers in the industrial and maritime sector. The course is a balanced combination between theory and practical workshop sessions and gives an overview of the Big Data opportunities, required infrastructure, technology involved and the added value of data science projects.

At the end of the course you will have a full understanding of data science and machine learning, will be able to spot data opportunities and know how to design a data-driven organization. In addition, you will be able to share experiences with like-minded managers and professionals. Leave inspired and inspire your workforce!

Are you ready for the future? Learn the essentials of Data Science and Big Data.

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Lead departments
Computer Sciences
Executive Programme
Working experience
Not required
2 days
The Analytics Academy