The Big Data Alliance stimulates entrepeneurship by giving start-ups access to our network and the possibility to collaborate with incubators to fast-track the development. Find out what we can do to help you to start or advance your own enterprise. Join the Alliance’s accelerator program and find guidance and expertise from its partners. Find the right people to extend your team by posting job or internship opportunities on the platform.


Have you recently started a company which focusses on Big Data? The BDA offers a wide network of organisations and experts with relevant expertise. Want to benefit from this network? We offer:

  • Access to the knowledge needed to further develop your company
  • Contacts at potential customers
  • The opportunity to join one of our innovation programs and find new ways to apply your service
  • The possibility to get in toch with incubators who can fast-track the development of your start-up


Even if you haven’t yet started a company but feel that you have an idea that could grow into a successful organisation our network can be highly beneficial.

Interested? Send us an email at bda@bigdata-alliance.org and see what we can do for you!


The Big Data Alliance is connected with multiple incubators who can assist in the development of your company with:

  • Office space
  • Contacts at academic institutes
  • Coaching programs
  • Advice from top tier professional service firms
  • Access to a network of fund providers
  • International trips to help you introduce your idea in foreign markets


We are always looking for new incubators willing to support the development of start-ups in the field of Big Data. Does your company provide these services? Send us an email at bda@bigdata-alliance.org and see what collaboration we can work out!


Our connected incubators