Annual report 2017 | Big Data Alliance

The annual report provides year-end highlights of Big Data Alliance accomplishments, goals and information about our financial status.


Important developments 2018

Our current board member Wil van Der Aalst, Full Professor of Information Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology, has been appointed Humboldt Professor at RWTH Aachen University. Therefore Will has joined our Board of Advisors.

Geert Jan Houben (TU Delft), Frank Ferro (PostNL) and Dick Den Hertog (Tilburg University) have joined our board. Together with Alexander Rinnooy Kan and Marc Salomon they will steer the organization towards a sustainable future and make sure that the Big Data Alliance has adequate resources to advance its mission.


We are happy to share the report on request. For all members who are interested, please send an email to

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