Celebrating data entrepreneurship: graduation of the first Data Expert Program students

You might have seen the happy faces when you are following us on social media. On December 15th, we celebrated the graduation of the first Data Expert Program students. A festive event during which the students proved to be real data pioneers, capable of combining data science and entrepreneurship.

Before the students could call themselves Data Expert Program graduates, they had to pitch their business case in front of the academic board of the program. The 16 professionals who followed the Data Expert Program were divided into 8 groups, who each had to present their case. The business cases covered a broad range of topics: from gaining a competitive advantage in online marketing to improving office space. These presentations really showed how data science can be used to build a successful business case. This was also acknowledged by the academic board, who awarded all the participants with a diploma – after putting them to a final test with critical questions, of course.

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