College Tour Data Analytics for Professionals vol 3

The Committee Innovation of PWN (Platform Wiskunde Nederland), Eindhoven University of Technology and TopQuants are proud to announce their 3rd College Tour on Data Analytics for Professionals. The college tour consists of a series of lectures on a number of related topics. Each topic is carefully selected to align with current developments and trends in analytics, data science and machine learning. The lectures cover a historic overview and a deep dive in recent developments. After a lecture you will have a deeper understanding of the topic and a number of practical pointers to explore further on your own. The 3rd College Tour will feature TU/e researchers Mykola Pechnizkiy, Vlado Menkovski and Alessandro Di Bucchianico. The topics will be deep learning, anomaly detection and statistical monitoring.

The lectures will take place in the evening starting in September. Catering will be provided during walk-in and afterwards participants are invited to join the informal networking part of program. Complimentary drinks will be served.

The fee for the program is set at € 320 with everything included. An early bird fee of € 280 applies for registrations before August 15, 2019. The number of tickets for the complete series of lectures is limited to 40. One can also register for individual lectures for € 120 per lecture. The number of these tickets is limited to 5 per evening.

On each evening, from 18:45 – 19:30 a light walk-in dinner will be provided for the participants. The lecture itself will take place from 19:30 – 21:30, followed by networking from 21:30 till 23:00 at the latest. All lectures will be held at the Conference Center High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Bohr room.