Data visualisation with Kay Schröder and Kenny Jeurissen

Our DEX lab is mentioned in the UMagazine February 2018, showing a magnificent data visualisation from Kay and Kenny.

“How can we best find our way around the increasing mountain of information? One answer is data visualisation. Converting information into visual form makes it easier to present, understand and use. In the Data Experience lab at the Business Intelligence and Smart Services (BISS) institute, ICT students and art academy students work together with professionals to find answers to questions from the business sector. This interdisciplinary approach, bringing computer scientists, designers and user experience experts together, is unique in this domain.”


Located in Heerlen, the Smart Services Campus is the centre of new developments in the fields of Big Data, Internet of Things and Smart Services in the Euregio. Within the Smart Services Campus, the unique cooperation between Maastricht University, the Open University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in both research and education has resulted in the founding of the Business Intelligence and Smart Services (BISS)…