Fairness and Transparency, towards responsible data science

The abundance of data offers many opportunities for technological innovations and for improved decision making. At the same time, these opportunities also create new challenges and dilemmas related to the way in which data-driven technologies are embedded in our society. For instance, to what extent do we want to make important decisions based on algorithms and data? Do we have a sufficient understanding of the outcomes of complex data-driven analyses? How does data-driven decision making influence human behaviour? What are the pros and cons of data-driven decision making as compared to more informal ways of making decisions?

These are key questions in the area of responsible data science. The Leiden University Data Science Research Programme and Centre for Science and Technology Studies organize this symposium in which questions such as these will be explored from different disciplinary viewpoints, ranging from the social sciences and law to the medical sciences and computer science. The aim is to develop a common understanding of the main challenges in responsible data science and to learn from the experiences in different scientific domains.

The symposium is open to everyone, so bring your colleagues!