PCRaster and the Global Geo Health Data Center

The Department of Physical Geography develops the PCRaster software which is a software framework for building spatio-temporal simulation models in the geosciences. The software is applied in a range of fields, for instance for modelling hydrological processes at global scale .

A recently started project that uses the PCRaster software is the Global Geo Health Data Center. The data center contains high resolution environmental data sets that can be used to quantify personal human exposures to environmental variables that may affect health or disease. Examples of data sets are air pollution at 5m, 1h resolution, and food outlet maps. Personal exposures are calculated using software that integrates multiple representations of spatial information, including agents (e.g. humans) and continuous fields (e.g. air pollution). The data center is established by the Faculty of Geosciences and the University Medical Center Utrecht.

Dr. Derek Karssenberg is project leader at the Global Geo Health Data Center. Recently, he was invited to give a presentation at the Data Science Summit Eindhoven (slides).