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Fontys provides education and research. Fontys wants to be an innovation engine by linking its education and research to innovation processes within and outside the regions. Fontys has a large impact due to its education and research in almost all sectors of society.

About Fontys Information and Communication Technology

We teach our students how to develop their competencies and skills to be employable in every possible position in the full professional field of IT, now and in the future. Our didactic approach focuses on the development of skills of the individual student, who learns how to learn and stay employable during his or her entire life cycle as an IT-professional (Life Long Learning). We use modern educational methods, supported by state-of-the-art IT-enabled tooling.

We offer customized in-company training and applied research capacity for businesses. Also, we host a number of lecturers, ranging from Embedded Systems, Open Educational Resources, Serious Game Design, Software Quality and Testing, Media, Interaction and Narration. Final point to mention:we have expertise centers in the fields of Big Data and Virtual Reality. 

Erik van Tol serves as director of the Big Data Expertise Centre. At this knowledge centre, research is focused on the question how SMEs can gain access and manage the ever-increasing collection of big data efficiently.

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Fontys Hogeschool ICT
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Dr. Gerard Schouten
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