At Quby, we believe in change: changing energy from a supply industry to a service that helps people handle every-day challenges. That’s why we created Toon, the smart energy platform that puts people in charge of their homes. Over 150 professionals at our Amsterdam office are working to create these solutions for homes and offices. Making lives smarter, easier and more comfortable.

Mission – We deliver smart services to give customers well-being and peace of mind in their homes

Your home is your castle. A safe place where you can relax. You take care of your house, and want your house to take care of you. You want everything that is part of your home, or attached to it, to work. But your home is becoming more complex with every connected device you bring into it. And those devices might bring more or new worries with them.

Getting peace-of-mind back should be easy, but it isn’t. You need something that manages everything for you in the background. Silently but efficiently. We strive to create a portfolio of relevant data-driven home services to provide people with easy living, worry-free.

More than a smart thermostat

With Toon, you are in control. Toon gives you insight into your energy consumption, so you can start saving. Find out which appliances are the biggest energy wasters, or how this month’s consumption affects your yearly bill. Toon even keeps an eye on your boiler, letting you know when it needs fixing.

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