The SynerScope story started with highly experienced executives who ten years ago, realized that the future of true data driven knowledge work would depend on the capability to extract and perform analytics on signals from computers, mobile and sensor devices, as these would increasingly pervade the everyday space of all human activity.

SynerScope combined scientific research result from the Tu Eindhoven, Prof J.van Wijk, with advanced knowledge to use the tremendous compute horsepower of GPU’s effectively. As a result we found a solution to deliver a more flexible, nimble and efficient data analytics workflow combining the advantages of medical imaging with high performance computing to deliver data in a meaningful way to as many positions in the enterprise as possible.


Our executive team experienced hands on the efficiency impact on manufacturing operations from analytics of signals and sensor thus the goal was defined to design, develop and built a solution that helps to operationalize, democratize if you will, the use of data at every level of the knowledge worker enterprise – making data more accessible at every level of decision making including your front line operations.

Manufacturing shop flooring experiences taught our executives that visualization signals is paramount for operationalizing at the frontline worker position. In the case of knowledge workers, the data flows contain high levels of unstructured data e.g. text, voice, video. Classic BI and data warehousing has always been linked with heavy data preprocessing and modeling workloads. For unstructured data this effort was even higher leaving much of that to turn into dark data.


Today we deliver a solution that serves customers who own complex and messy data, faster than any other system in the market. SynerScope connects to existing legacy systems, data warehouse and data warehouse systems and is purposefully designed to take maximum value out of Hadoop datalakes through its SPARK integration. (SynerScope equally integrates a Hadoop solution in its platform).

Synerscope will also feed existing BI reporting systems, all to maximize groundbreaking value from dark and open data without disrupting any carefully crafted reporting systems. Insurance, cyber security and critical infrastructure operators are the first verticals taking advantage of the SynerScope technology.

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