X+Y: Research and Freelance

We are an independent research group and a freelance agency that empowers data scientists to make an impact for the society and for their industry with the newest academic insights.

What can we do for you?

There is a high demand for data scientists and the trend is here to stay. Data scientists have different backgrounds including econometrics, artificial intelligence, mathematics, computer science, physics, and many more.

These data scientists are smart and ambitious people that would like to continue learning and make an impact on society. However, current vacancies usually don’t perfectly match the unique expertise of the data scientist. And maybe the learning goals will change over time. With this situation in mind, we are dedicated to helping these data scientists.

How are we going to do that?

We believe that through research, data scientists can stay intellectually challenged and up to date with the latest academic developments. In order to fund this independent research, our data scientists are hired as freelancers where we aim to apply our newest research insights.

If you are interested in joining X+Y or if you have interesting opportunities for our freelancers, please contact jacqueline@xyplus.nl

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