Dr. Damian Trilling

Damian Trilling does research in the realm of political communication and journalism. In particular, he is interested in the question how the changing media landscape change political communication and journalism, how citizens, politicians, and journalists make use of new tools and what the impact of these changes is.

He is also interested in methodological innovations to study communication in an age where more and more communication is happening digitally. This includes methods of automated content analysis and so-called big-data approaches – although he prefers to refer to them as computational social scicence.

Damian Trillings research is embedded in the programme group Political Communication and Journalism at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research. I am also part of the research group Personalised Communication: Understanding the use and effects of personalised media and their implications for law and policy.

For his dissertation, which he defended in 2013, he studied patterns of media use in the Netherlands and in Austria. To this end, he investigated by means of survey research how people combine different online and offline media outlets in their news diets. You can download a summary (PDF, in Dutch) or the whole book (permalink to PDFs).

Assistant professor
Humanities & Social Sciences
Consumer Behavior
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Damian Trilling
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E: d.c.trilling@uva.nl