Dr. ir. Peter Peters

Trained in electronics and computer science, Peter Peters starting experience was in software development (18 years: 1980-1999), later on (1999-now) extended with a combination of hardware and software development in combination with (mostly conceptual) design. Hardware and software development especially geared towards the interfacing of soft and hardware, preferably in combination with networking is what he likes.

Specialties: Experienced in loads of programming languages ranging from ancient low-level (assembly: Z80, Z8000), to higher level, scripted and compiled (Algol68, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Perl, Java, C, C++, C#). Web development (HTML, ASP, PHP, JavaScript), Worked on loads of platforms (mainframes, PC’s, embedded) and operating systems (Tops20, VMS, Windows, Unix/Linux, RTOSes). Developed and programmed interfaces between software and hardware (PC, embedded-PC, micro-controllers, dedicated hardware) and trying to keep up with recent developments in apps for Android.

Peter Peters applied the knowledge described above in small projects (working in development task oriented groups and coaching student groups) as well as in bigger projects (European funded, like ESAPS, DoCHANGE)

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Software Engineering
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Peter Peters
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E: p.j.f.peters@tue.nl