Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weiss

Gerhard Weiss is a Full Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE) at Maastricht University, and a Honorary Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool (UK).

He is the chair of DKE, and within DKE he is head of the “Robots, Agents, and Interaction” (RAI) research group and co-director of the Swarmlab robotics laboratory.

Before joining Maastricht University in 2009, he was the Scientific Director of SCCH GmbH (Austria), whose mission is to strengthen the competitiveness of companies through research and development in the areas of Knowledge based Technology, Software Technology, and Database Technology. Before that, he was Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of Technical University Munich (Germany) where he headed the AI/Cognition research group at the Chair for Theoretical Computer Science and Foundations of Artificial Intelligence.

He has been also engaged as a scientific consultant and advisor for various European companies in the field of intelligent technologies, including global players such as Siemens and EADS as well as medium- and small-size companies.

Gerhard Weiss received his PhD in Computer Science from Technical University Munich and the Habilitation degree from Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria).



The main research interests of Gerhard Weiss are in automated knowledge processing and the foundations and practical applications of artificial intelligence and multiagent systems. He is particularly interested in the design and analysis of smart software/hardware systems and devices that are able act and interact cooperatively and competitively in in a flexible and autonomous way. His current research focuses on aspects of automated negotiation, data mining, machine learning, brain-computer interfaces, and cognitive and swarm robotics.

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Gerhard Weiss