Dr. Paolo de Andrade Serra

Interests of Paolo de Andrade Serra

  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Recursive Estimation


Research group: Statistics

The Statistics group develops and compares data-analytical methods for analyzing and sampling complex structured correlated data sets. It includes parameter estimation, model fitting, latent variable models, mixed models, missing data, statistical process control, survival & reliability theory, time series analysis, and statistical learning methods.

One of the central themes is the analysis of high-dimensional temporal data sets and other large data sets. The group actively explores new research lines in Data Science and maintains many strong ties with industry, including biopharmaceutical companies, chemical industry, and medical centers and international research institutes.

Assistant professor
Machine Learning
Predictive Modelling
Application Area

Paolo de Andrade Serra
Contact information

E: p.j.serra@tue.nl