Prof. dr. Morris Swertz

Morris Swertz develops innovative and powerful methods for efficient modeling, production and evolution of flexible biological software infrastructures for post-genomic research. These methods allow researchers to manage, analyze and integrate large datasets at multiple molecular levels to answer various research questions. These methods and tools are now evolving into ‘eLaboratories’ and ‘eScience’: integrated systems of tools that speed up biomedical research by integrating large-scale genotyping and phenotyping experiments such as microarrays, proteomics, metabolomics, SNP genotyping, and deep sequencing. His work is disseminated through local (GroningenBioinformatics Center, LifeLines), national (Netherlands Bioinformatics Center/BioAssist program) and international (EU-GEN2PHEN, EU-CASIMIR, European Bioinformatics Institute) consortia, who are adopting my MOLGENIS open source framework to handle the enormous flow of post-genomic data.

Information systems
Software Engineering
Application Area