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What domain am I looking for?

Data science covers multiple disciplines. This makes that students from multiple studies can add value to your organization. Each study delivers students with their own expertise. We distinguish the following domains:
  • Econometrics: Econometricians excel in statistics and applied mathematics. They can find and interpret relations in your data.
  • Informatics: Students from studies like computer science have strong programming skills. They can develop software/tools to process your data.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The science which revolves around building intelligent programs. Students have strong programming skills and usually more statistical knowledge than informatics students. Artificial Intelligence delivers experts in machine learning.
  • Mathematics: Mathematicians can solve difficult abstract problems. Their knowledge enables them to analyse your data thoroughly.
  • Physics: While data science does not always cover concepts from physics, students from this domain have very strong analytical skills in the same manner that mathematicians do.