Data Science Accelerator Program

Until now, there’s been no precise definition or benchmark for this role. GoDataDriven developed the Data Science Accelerator Program to take the skills and know-how of data scientists to an exceptional level, so that they can transition organizations into DataDriven enterprises.

The unique Data Science Accelerator Program assesses and boosts your data science skills, and escalates you to the next level through a combination of in-depth lectures and hands-on sessions that put theory into practice.

“GoDataDriven’s Data Science Accelerator Program is very important to us. The Data Science field is expanding rapidly, therefore it is very important to be trained by professionals that combine an academic background with hands-on Data Science experience.” Wendell Kuling, Data Scientist at ING Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics

Note: end 2018

Until 2018 we had successful editions of the public accelerator. Nevertheless, more organisations are looking for Data Science Accelerator material and our courses in-company. In 2019 we are going to give the in-house version of the accelerator, and split the most popular lectures in separate trainings. Updated information you will find on GoDataDriven’s Training Overview.

In-company or public

The in-company Data Science Accelerator Program consists of twelve lectures and twelve hands-on sessions that provide a full overview of modern day Data Science.

The public Data Science Accelerator Program consists of five lectures and five hands-on sessions (10 days total) over a period of 5 months, covering all the core components. Register for the Data Science Accelerator Program

To complement and deepen your skill set after attending the Core program, we also offer Specialization training.


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The lectures and hands-on sessions of the Data Science Accelerator Program are based on years of hands-on experience with implementing of Data Science applications within organizations in many industries. Because of this experience, the program not only focuses on Data Science knowledge but also on industry best-practices. It’s divided into three segments:

  • Essentials
  • Core
  • Specialisations


LectureHands-on Session
Introduction and Acquaintance
The RStudio stackScrape and Mine the Web

Core (The Public Data Science Accelerator Program)

LectureHands-on Session
The IPython StackWeb development with Flask and Postgres as a Backend
Probability StackSolve Multi-Armed Bandit Problems
Machine LearningCreate a Predictive Model, Wrap it in an API and put it into Production
Ensembles & Neural NetworksUse Different Methods to Recognize Hand-Written Digits
Time seriesPredict an optimal portfolio for the stock market


LectureHands-on Session
Optimisation ScienceCreate a Travelling Salesman Solution
Natural Language ProcessingApply NLP on the Enron Email Dataset
GraphsCreate a Recommender for Ingredients Based on Recipe Data
Making Things ScaleClickstream Analysis with Kafka and Spark
Signal ProcessingApply Signal Processing to Speech Data
Advanced TopicsYou Pick

The Data Science Accelerator Program is from 2019 only available in-company.  Earlier editions were held on Wednesdays every two weeks during 5 months. Interested in joining? Ping us here


Experienced trainers

The Data Science Accelerator Program is presented by world ­class industry practitioners and provides current and aspiring data scientists an opportunity for intensive on­ and off ­site instruction, access to an extensive network of speakers, mentors, and coaching. The instructors are seasoned data scientists that work with the program tools and technologies on a daily basis.

Trainers include Andrew Snare, Giovanni Lanzani, Henk GriffioenKris Geusebroek, Robert Rodger, Rogier van der Geer, Ron van Weverwijk, Stijn Tonk, and Vincent Warmerdam.



Participants not only work with the best trainers, but also with the best and latest Data Science tools and technology, including Hadoop, Spark, R, Python, Elastic, Neo4j.

Leading technology providers support the Data Science Accelerator Program initiative and contribute to the program where needed. Partners include Cloudera, Databricks, Rstudio, Microsoft, Hortonworks.



The Data Science Accelerator Program was developed to take the skills of data scientists with some experience to the next level.

A background in math, statistics, or other quantitative disciplines, combined with basic Data Science and programming skills is required. Plan for an additional eight hours of self-study per month.

Participants who can also apply the program’s content in their daily, professional work will obtain the most benefit.

More information about the requirements to participate in the Data Science Accelerator Program

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