High Potential Program

Are you a student or PhD candidate?

We are looking for recent graduates with a passion for data that want to start their career with one of our paid traineeships. If you enjoy bringing data to life, consider yourself technofile (love using latest hardware and software), and want to solve interesting organizational problems, then join our traineeship. We offer two extensive programs, in the form of a 1-year traineeship – Big Data Engineering and Data Science & A.I.

Our 1-year traineeship will prepare you to face any challenges that come your way by working with reallive data sets in a professional organization. During this year, you will work as a trainee at one of our clients (4 days a week) and at the same time follow various technical trainings (and develop soft-skills) at our office in Amsterdam (1 day a week). By the end of the traineeship – in which our experts guide and assess your work – you will be highly skilled and employable by the client.

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Or are you a company, looking for talented people?

Rapidly emerging digital challenges pressure companies to keep up or lag behind. Developments in Big Data, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence require a different way of working and thinking but also a new breed of employees. How do you start with data, but more importantly, how do you continue growing and building knowledge? This is where Anchormen comes in.

With our High Potential Program, we offer a high quality and valuable solution for companies that are looking for (big) data engineers, data scientists and A.I. experts. We select the best candidates, exclusively for your organization and train them to become specialists who are deeply integrated with your company’s data since day one of the 1-year program.

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Training only

It is also possible to attend the High Potential Program as a ‘training only’ participant. In that case, the trainee will only follow the training and coaching at our office, 1 day per week. The trainee can choose to follow all the modules from the program, or just separate modules, as listed on the previous pages. We will be happy to tell you more about this possibility!

The High Potential Program in short

  • The program is an agreement between Anchormen (who hires the trainee) and the customer, with a minimum term of one year.
  • The right trainee is selected after a number of assessments and interviews in order to find the best fit.
  • Four days a week, the trainee will work at the client’s office and a fixed training day will take place 1 day every week at he Anchormen office in Amsterdam.
  • Quality Assurance checks on the trainee’s work are conducted by Anchormen’s senior experts.
  • After one year, it is possible to hire the trainee without having to pay a compensation fee.

Want to know more about the High Potential Program? Check out our website and contact us. We will be happy to tell you more!

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