Commit2Data Awards for Hajo Reijers & Peter Boncz

– Hajo Reijers (VU), alongside a team of researchers: van Wijk, van der Aalst & Buijs (TU/e), Leopold (VU), Smeets & Vermeulen (Lunet Zorg) have been awarded funding for the project TACTICS: Techniques for the Analysis of Client-Team InteraCtionS

– Peter Boncz (CWI), alongside: de Vries (UvA), Xin (Databricks), Smit (OBI4WAN), Westerveld (Wizenoze), Cornacchia (Spinque), & Green (Neo Technology, Sweden) have been awarded funding for the project SQIREL-GRAPHS: Structure-aware Querying & Information Retrieval on Evolving Large Graphs

COMMIT2DATA aims to enhance knowledge, valorisation and dissemination of data science, stewardship and technology for the top sectors. The purpose is to finance larger cohesive projects to avoid fragmentation and to encourage cooperation.

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