JADS starts tailor-made Post-Master Data Science for KPMG

In the challenging market for data & analytics talent, KPMG has teamed up with JADS, a venture between Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology, to educate their new hires on the field of data science. JADS has created an education program, tailored specifically to the wants and needs of KPMG. Recently, approximately 20 KPMG participants visited JADS for the kick-off of their Post-Master Data Science. In a period of little less than 1 year, the participants will dive into the technicalities and potential of data science for business, and will learn to apply this knowledge to the benefit of KPMG and its clients. The Post-Master Data Science helps KPMG accelerate its required growth of the KPMG Lighthouse Data & Analytics Center of Excellence in the Netherlands.

Where theory meets practice
The KPMG Post-Master Data Science combines education at an academic level with a strong focus on practical applicability. Over the course of the coming 10 months the tailor-made Post-Master program touches upon a wide range of data science related subjects such as Advanced Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Lake & Engineering, Legal & Ethical, and Data Entrepreneurship & Innovation. “This program includes many new technologies and methodologies that are relevant for implementing, but also embedding, advanced data analytics solutions at our clients”, says dr. Max Baak, who is the head of data science at KPMG Netherlands, and worked for CERN in the past. 

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