Wanted: companies with (big) data challenges

Too busy to analyze your data? Let master students in econometrics help you out. As part of one of their courses they will work a few weeks full time on solving your challenge.

What’s in it for you? You will get recommendations on your challenge and access to talent.

Interested? Contact dr. Bram Kuijken at b.kuijken@uva.nl – 0622090699

More information below and here: http://www.gochase.it/


The master students take the course Machine Learning for Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. They gain an advanced level of understanding of the principles of machine learning. They acquire the skill to apply machine learning to complex real world challenges by analyzing large datasets.

  • Companies need to provide a large dataset (numbers, text, images).
  • And a clearly formulated challenge. We can help with this!


Shopping: predict next purchase / predict if customer will return

Real Estate: predict house price / time until sale

Customer Reviews: sentiment analysis