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Dr. Mike Holenderski

Mike Holenderski is an assistant professor at the System Architecture and Networks (SAN) group at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His current research interests are in the system architecture aspects of machine learning. In particular, he is interested in how learning can be distributed in a sensing network in order…

Dr. Georgios Exarchakos

Research activities and interests of Georgios Exarchakos: peer-to-peer epidemics complex networks sensor swarms data mining machine learning – Swarm intelligence: self-awareness of topological characteristics in large-scale networks. P2P-like mining of network dynamics and self-organization of nodes. – Demand-driven resource discovery and network reconfiguration. Topology adaptation to capacity demands.

Dr. Paolo de Andrade Serra

Interests of Paolo de Andrade Serra Bayesian Statistics Time Series Analysis Recursive Estimation   Research group: Statistics The Statistics group develops and compares data-analytical methods for analyzing and sampling complex structured correlated data sets. It includes parameter estimation, model fitting, latent variable models, mixed models, missing data, statistical process control,…

Dennis Mimpen

Dennis Mimpen is Supervisor Specialist at The Nederlandsche Bank. Within the Prudential Reporting and Analysis team, he acts as the Product Owner for supervisory BI products, he is in the lead of quarterly reporting analysis and has the responsibility for data quality improvement, primarily in the fields of market risk, group…

Ir. Marcel Musch

Interests of Marcel Musch Sustainable development Cultural heritage Health Urban design and planning   Research group: Urbanism and Urban Architecture The Chair of Urbanism and Urban Architecture (UUA) is embedded within the research program Living Cities of the Unit Architectural Urban Design and Engineering (AUDE) within the Faculty of the…