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Dr. Alessandro Di Bucchianico

Expertise Reliability theory Statistical process control (spc) Design of experiments Maintenance   Research group: Statistics The Statistics group develops and compares data-analytical methods for analysing and sampling complex structured correlated data sets. It includes parameter estimation, model fitting, latent variable models, mixed models, missing data, statistical process control, survival &…

Drs. Marcel Feenstra

Drs. Marcel Feenstra is a Professor of Software Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. He is responsible for teaching a wide variety of courses, including Android Application Development, Java programming, Object Oriented Design / Programming, UML, information security, Big Data, computer networking, and embedded systems (IoT). Marcel Feenstra…

Dr. Qi Han

Dr. Qi Han is Assistent Professor, Department of the Built Environment, at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Dr. Nevin Mutlu

Dr. Nevin Mutlu is an assistant professor in the OPAC Group within the School of Industrial Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. She received her PhD degree in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech, USA in 2016. Dr. Nevin Mutlu holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech and…

Prof. Dr. Andre Dekker

Andre Dekker’s main research interest is the development of global data sharing infrastructures that are used to machine learn personalized models which can predict outcome after radiotherapy. He has a special interest in Bayesian network based models.

Dr. Farideh Heidari

Farideh Heidari has a multi-disciplinary educational and professional background: math and physics, mechanical and industrial engineering, and PhD in information systems. Her unique blend of experiences in academic and industrial areas has made her a person with an original point of view which gave her a broad perspective to life and…