Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen

Matthijs van Leeuwen is Assistant professor in Data Mining. The approach he takes is to define and identify patterns that matter, i.e., succinct descriptions that characterise relevant structure present in the data. Which patterns matter, strongly depends on the data and task at hand. Hence defining the problem is one of the key challenges of exploratory data mining. Moreover, Matthijs finds it very interesting to do fundamental data mining for real-world applications; there is no better way to show the potential of exploratory data mining than by demonstrating that patterns matter.

Assistant professor
Computer Science
Data Mining
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Matthijs van Leeuwen
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Visiting address
Snellius Building
Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden
Room number 148

T: +31 71 527 7048
E: m.van.leeuwen@liacs.leidenuniv.nl