Prof. dr. ir. Uzay Kaymak

Interests of Uzay Kaymak

  • Fuzzy modeling
  • Computational intelligence
  • Healthcare analytics


Research group: Information Systems

Data mining, process mining, machine learning and computational intelligence methods are essential to design information systems for intelligent decision support, so that organizations can fulfill their goals of operational excellence and improved decision making. For this purpose, our group develops methods, techniques and tools for advanced analysis of business processes and optimal data-driven decision making in their execution. The group’s research centers on computational intelligence methods for decision models in which qualitative, linguistic informationcan be combinedwith quantitative, numerical informationfrom data. Research involves the following topics:

data-driven logistics, healthcare analytics, retail operations;

computational intelligence (fuzzy systems, neural nets, evolutionary computation);

•business applications of data mining and machine learning;

data-intensive business process optimization and services development.

Artificial intelligence
Data Mining
Information systems
Machine Learning
Application Area
Health care

Uzay Kaymak
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